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Hello guys!

I wanted to shoot something so bad, but it didn't came out as anything I had in mind. Despite of that, I am still posting this, haha. I probably won't shoot outfit posts any time soon because I had my facial cleansing done and I don't feel like wearing any make-up. My face has to rest for a while. I'm not confident enough to shoot without foundation and the rest of the make-up goodies beacuse I'm not one of those flawless girls who can go anywhere bare faced. All in all, I have bad skin which is very problematic to nourish and I struggle a lot with it.

I am also waiting for my new clothes to arrive so I can put some nice outfits together and blog. Until then, I will study a bit (hopefully) and relax. School starts on Monday and that's when stressing out, wearing tons of make-up, studying, dealing with crowded schedule continues. I really wouldn't mind having winter breaks for a little bit longer. But yes, this is my week so far. I have been reading some books, moisturizing my lips and face a lot and sneaking into chunky woolen pullovers.

*my fav scent atm - Trussardi "Donna"
*my fav lip butter - labello (vanilla&macadamia)

Pullover & leg warmers - H&M


  1. I know how it feels when you want to post something and nothing turns out the way you want it to. Beautiful pictures!

  2. Nice photos :)
    Maria V.

  3. Još dva dana do smrtnog ponedjeljka,ne želim i ne mogu,a i znam da će mi pasti insipiracija odma.Your aesthetic is great i da ovaj labelo je najbolji ikad!

    1. Jao, više me je strah i mature nego škole. Još ništa isam počela učit. Baš neodgovorno, haha. Sve me to plaši i stalno odgađam. Bolje bi bilo da krenem odmah.
      Hvala ti <3
      Ja obožavam ovaj labelo. Nijedan se ne topi tako na usnama. :)