Casual Blues

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Hello everyone!
Another post is up as you can see. Tomorrow I'm heading over to the coast so you won't hear from me until I get back. Of course I will be posting on my instagram page, so follow me there.
This outfit is another special combination and the focal point is the blue ocean statement necklace from happiness boutique. To be honest with you, I do not own many statement necklaces and I've never had the one like this before. Statement necklaces are a huge must have these past couple of years as well as now and I must say I fell in love with them when I got this one. It is round and not long so it goes so cute up around your neck. It has gorgeous gems in a few shades of blue. Blue is definetly my favorite color at the moment so I find this necklace absolutely perfect for me.
Either you want to spice up your casual outfit or look stunning in your night gown, statement necklace will do the work! I definetly recommend the ones from happiness boutique because they are absolutely gorgeous.
The rest of clothing items is from zara, my favorite store ever. I love the tunic which is 50% cotton and 50% linen. It's perfect for summer days. I know these white jeans make me look very skinny but I still adore them. I feel like white pants are a must for summer.
I'm telling you, summer outfits are craving for statement necklaces like the one I'm wearing. <3

I :*


  1. Bas lijepo izgledas... divna mi je ova elegantna kombinacija s ogrlicom... divna! :*

  2. You are such a style icon! xxxxx

  3. Great outfit! Love that statement necklace. :)

  4. Ajme kako ti imaš divne oči! <3

    A kombinacije je na nivou kao i uvijek! Plava boja je i meni jedna od omiljenih, pogotovo ljeti. Ova ogrlica neodoljivo podsjeća na more!

    Uživaj na odmoru, čitamo se kad se vratimo s mora! :*

  5. Prelijepa si :O Ogrlica mi je super ;) Lijepo se provedi! I prelijepo si uredila blog, kako si to uspjela :O

  6. Amazing! Love those white pants!

  7. Odlične fotografije!
    Ogrlica mi se jako sviđa, prelijepa si :D

  8. You look amazing dear! Great photos

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  9. Zavidim ti na visini! Ogrlica mi je posebno divna <3