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Hello guys!
Hope you're all doing well. I know I'm not posting often but there is just a lot of going on in my life. I just have to say how lucky and happy I am to have all these great people in my life who love me and support me no matter what. Today is actually my birthday and I am so cheerful and happy, haha. We celebrated it already and it was awesome.
This outfit is so simple and messy, as you can see. This lacy long-sleeved red crop top is from H&M and I adore it. It reminds me of seventies. I like how sleeves go wider to the end. The jeans I'm rocking are from zara. They are my absolute babies. I only regret not having them in a smaller size. :( I was too stupid to realize how big they actually are few weeks ago when I got them. However, I'm still rockin' them, haha. Maybe I should gain some weight so they fit me perfectly, haha.

Love you all <3

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  1. Wishing you all the best sweetheart, hope you have a beautiful fantastic birthday! You look absolutely lovely! xxxxx

  2. I was going to buy that jumper, but decided not to. after seeing it on you I definitely need to go back and pick it up! Great post have a good birthday x
    Claire |

    1. Oh, you should totally get it! :)
      Thank you <3

  3. Wow, these photos are stunning! Love that crochet crop top :)

    Akino |

  4. Beautiful boho look!

  5. Great look. Top is amazing!

  6. Predivan look! Malo kasnin sa čestitkama ali opet wish u all the best.Moj je za 6 dana.Ono što mi se sviđa u ovom looku je jedinstvenost,ali opet nešto šta plijeni pažnju.Obožavam ovu bordo boju i super ti stoji.Nadam se da se čitamo pusa

    New on

  7. You Are My Favourite Blonde : in the Post There is a Mystery in Red...You !!! Congratulations , ByeBye & Lots of Fun !!!