Dog Days

8:00 PM Batty Blonde 2 Comments

Hello guys!
I didn't manage to fix the photos I talked about in my last post. But I won't quit yet, haha. This is what I captured meanwhile. I love this outfit so much. It looks effective because of the trousers which are from zara. I wore them already once on my blog ("Navy Floral"). They are a great savior when days are hot. I mean, who wants to be sweating in tight jeans all day? It's hard to find something subtle enough for a top. You don't want to look tacky and mess the whole look up with another design or pattern or whatever. I thought this orsay t-shirt would look cute with everything. Even tho it looks basic, white collar makes it effective.
Btw I know I look grumpy on photos, haha. But I wasn't, it just looks like that.

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