Pastel Pink

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Hello guys!
Yeah, this is happening, I'm finally posting something on my blog. I spent a beautiful day today in Zagreb and this is what I wore. It was a bright and chilly day perfect for walk and relaxing. I am absolutely in love with this skirt from H&M. The color, fabric, everything... I just love it and I love to combine it in different ways. You know the jacket already. It is my favorite, form zara, and before I couldn't see myself wearing something similar but voila, it looks just fine. My t-shirt is from H&M as well as the little bag. So, that's it. Everything is pretty much pinkish and I hope you liked it.
I just realized how often i buy clothes in H&M tho, haha.

I :*


  1. Sviđa mi se majica na frenchy-a, slatka si :)

  2. Hello! I've nominated you for the Liebster Award because I absolutely love your blog! You can find your questions here:
    I look forward to reading your response!

    Paige | Paige-Says

  3. I love this outfit! The skirt is so cute :)

    Sarah |

  4. So cute x
    Much Love |

  5. Beautiful!! Love the jacket & the skirt ♥

  6. I love the outfit! The jacket is gorgeous x
    em // emandhan xo

  7. The colour of the jacket is amazing! I totally love it for springtime. Beautiful look!

    Aeriko @

  8. Loveee this outfit! and also arizona is the besttttt drink ever ;P xx