Happy Easter!

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Happy Easter my lovely readers!

I'm enjoying myself on spring breaks as much as I can. Spending more time with my family makes me so happy and I just gotta say how grateful I am for everything. I hope you're having a wonderful time as well! Another great thing for me is my beloved dog Ben who came home from training. I was very impatient about his comeback and now he is finally here. However, the time is running out until school starts again and that kind of makes me sad already when I think of it, haha. But why would I spoil my happy state of mind, right? Therefore I will stop thinking about school!

Easter time reminds me of a fresh start. Everything is waking up and getting colorful. When it comes to decorating my home for Easter, I don't like to overdo it, if you know what i mean. I like to keep it simple, nothing spectacular except few cute details such as this DIY Easter wreath. It is the focal point of our dining room at the moment and I thing it's so sweet. I didn't have a DIY post in mind because it is very easy to make it. You need a twig wreath obviously and a lots of little Easter decorations (bunnies, eggs, chicks, ribbons etc.). You can glue them on a wreath or just stick them through. You can use ribbons (which you pull through a wreath) to make it a hanging wreath or you can just put it on your table. It is that easy!

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