First Day of Spring

9:37 AM Batty Blonde 4 Comments

Hello guys!
Yesterday was the first day of Spring so I decided to "carpe diem" haha. :) The weather was awesome, very sunny and bright but windy. Long walks and talking, and after that drinking tea with my bestie were just great. I felt super lazy and didn't even do my make-up. To be honest, that was very brave of me to do because I never go out in public without it. So, this was my first time. Btw the trick is to wear big sunnies to hide, haha. When it comes to combining clothes, I was kinda lazy as well. This look is pretty casual. My jacket is from zara as well as the striped shirt beneath. The jeans are from sisley and my scarf is from bershka. Everything else you already know.

Hope you had an amazing first day of Spring!

Ines :*


  1. Vec sam napisala na Instagramu, ali moram i ovdje: odusevljena sam ovom jaknom! Nadam se da uzivas u pocetku proljeca :*

    1. Hvala ti draga! :)
      Uzivam uzivam, uzivaj i ti. <3

  2. Ahh... love this outfit to the core.. <3<3 simple yet stylish, perfect for airport fashion <3