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Hello everyone! Today was a rainy day and you can see that my are photos grainy. It's because of the outdoor lighting. I kinda liked it so I didn't fix it, haha. :) I had a great day with my family. We went to restaurant and this is what I wore. Big loose hats are being popular lately, so I decided to grab one from H&M. I'm sad that I didn't buy one earlier so I could wear it all fall and winter long. I have so many combos on my mind with that hat, tho. Fake fur waistcoat and bag are also from H&M. I have to mention, I got a new swarovski bracelet which I luuuuuv. But, my favorite piece of all must be my new desigual Miss Twiggy shirt. I absolutely adore it! It had to be mine the second I saw it. Isn't it lovely? <3

I hope you guys had a great Sunday as well and I'll see you in my next post.

Ines :*

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