Carnival in Venice

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A year ago, I was in Venice for carnival. What can I say? Every time I go to there I fall in love with Venice even more. Only thing that kind of ruined the whole impression was the weather. It was so cold and rainy which made taking photos and walking around difficult. Actually, I was pretty upset because of it, but I got used to it after a while. Seeing so many people in costumes was incredible. Everyone was proudly marching and showing their masks. The atmosphere in Venice is great. Even tho the weather was cold, the vibes were keeping us warm, haha. If you're asking yourselves why I haven't posted this back then. I don't know the answer either. It was a school trip and my first time to see the city in the month of love and carnival. Venice has a traditional masks known all over the world. Since I'm in love with everything about Venice, I collect them. All day long we were walking, taking photos and sitting in cafes. We stopped in some restaurant for Italian pizza and at the end, we enjoyed the parade. It was such a fun trip and I totally recommend visiting Venice.

Ines :*

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  1. Beautilful! I love Venice. One disadvantage: it is crowded with tourists...