Zotter Chocolate Factory

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Hello guys! Yesterday my family and I went on a spontaneous trip in Austria. We went to Zotter Chocolate Factory and after that we went shopping in Graz. The factory is located in town of Riegersburg (if I'm not mistaking). There are plenty of different types of chocolate to taste. I'm not sure about the number, but I think it's around 170. You can taste cacao bean, cacao powder and chocolate its self. You can also smell different kinds of spices which are added to chocolate. At the beginning of the tour, you watch a short film telling a story about the factory and how everything started. The factory is trying to be as eco-friendly as possible. There are also a numerous chocolate types for vegans. You get to see actual workers and the manufacture through the glass entire time. Whole museum is compound of chocolate and modern art which makes it even more interesting. At the end of the tour you can buy chocolate you've tasted earlier. I like the tour a lot. I mean, who wouldn't like a chocolate factory? The chocolate combos I was the most into were strawbbery and white chocolate. I would totally recommend visiting Zotter, it was great.
Bag, skirt and tights are from h&m. Shirt is from zara and booties are timberland.

I can show you how it looked like, but unfortunately I can't show you how it tasted. Enjoy!

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