Rockin' Knit

9:48 AM Batty Blonde 4 Comments

Hello guys! Big chunky cardigans are perfect for cold days like these. Mine is from H&M. I had one from zara, but since it was 100% wool it stretched and it's not wearable anymore. This one is identical to the previous one and I love it because this is the thing that keeps me warm the most. Today I went hanging out with my friend in cafe and this is what I wore. As you can see, nothing fancy, pretty laid back outfit. Shirt underneath the cardigan and bag are from H&M, tights are from zara, leg warmers are from s.Oliver and booties are from timberland. I'm excited to wear my new booties tho. My mum says I finally have a decent shoe, haha. 

Ines :*


  1. Super look, odlične su ti naočale i kardigan, imam i ja sličan iz H&M-a, samo su mu rukavi 3/4 :))

  2. lovely look ! <3

  3. Sviđa mi se kardigan, super je dužine i izgleda baš toplo :)