Sly Fox

10:38 PM Batty Blonde 2 Comments

Hello everyone!
I don't want to apologize for not updating regularly. It's the way it is because of school. Let's move on to my todays' outfit. You are already familiar with my black H&M skirt which I luuuuuv. I't so cute, even on big girls like me. My timberland booties. Tights are from zara and sweater is from H&M. Just to mention, I got my big grey wing chair from ikea few days ago. Sooo, I had to take pictures there.
I love that little foxy hanging around my neck. Isn't it cute?

Ines :*


  1. Odlicna si! Slike su divne, a dzemper ti je presladak! :)

  2. Džemper je genijalan!!! What does the fox say? :) super!