Dear Santa

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Dear Santa,
you're probably not reading this but I'm doing it for my blog anyways. I have to admit, this year was kinda strange for me. It wasn't anything special which means I wasn't special either. In comparison with past years, it kinda sucked. Oh, btw if you haven't noticed, I'm being completely honest. I had a cute-girly-Christmas-spirit Santa letter on my mind, but clearly, I'm doing it wrong. It's because I don't want to make up stories. Last year, I promised myself to be a better person and all the rest that comes along (as seen in movies) and none of that happened. Guess I don't deserve presents this time, haha. However, I did kinda realize that I'm older than before. More mature. As much as it makes me excited, it makes me terrified as well. I don't want to be ungrateful, tho. This year also had its' bright moments. I've seen many cool things, got really nice stuff and met awesome people. Actually, getting to know myself better is what marks 2014 for me.
So, I don't expect any gifts this year, I just have hanging out with my loved ones on my mind.

Happy Holidays everyone! <3

Ines :*

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