Room Tour #1

7:46 PM Batty Blonde 2 Comments

Hello guys!
At the very beginning I want to say that this is not going to be an outfit post. I took some photos, well, actually, I take a looooooot of photos of my room, haha, but I will show you some of them. I wanted to share my style with you and how I decorated my bedroom. I will make more bedroom posts, not just this one, because there are many cute photos you should see.
In this post, you can see my lovely vanity (guess where it's from) and all the rest of cute things I keep there. You can also see my make up stock, haha.
I know I have a bunch of make up brushes.... dirty make up brushes.... I need to take care of, haha.
Anyways hope you like what I did there.

Ines :*


  1. Predivan makeup kutak!
    Super ti je blog!
    Pusa iz Italije,
    Sonia Verardo