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Hello guys! Hope you had a great time on your parties just like I had, haha. Here is what I was looking like on Friday night. At first I had no idea what to do or what to wear but it turned out that I'm gonna be a vampire lady. I had this gorgeous naf-naf dress that I bought last Summer. I never really had a chance to wear it because it's too vampy or dark looking, I don't know. I had my orsay t-shirt because of the collar, it goes with the theme. I had some ripped tights and black converse snickers. For my make-up I did nothing special. Light powder, red lipstick, black smokey-eye, contouring with my black eye-shadow and fake dripping blood. That is it. I love Halloween because you can go crazy with your costume and go out in public like that without being worried that people are gonna look at you weird, haha.

Ines :*

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