Rosy Sunset

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Hello guys!
Summer is ending, school is starting... Well, actually we kinda skipped summer this year. Anyways, this is a new post with old photos from May. OMG, May? What is wrong with me haha. I don't know why it took me so long to make a post. (I love this photos because of the roses. <3)
This spring and summer I bought really awesome dresses, but unfortunately I was too lazy to show you. I regret it now, cause they are really pretty. I'm sure I'd make much more posts if the weather was better. The one I'm wearing must be one of my favs. I bought it in Orsay. I don't like Orsay that much but you can find some pretty cool pieces there. I wore it in two occasions. One of them was my boyfriend's prom. I wore cute little white blazer (also from Orsay) with it and Jessica Simpson flats which remind me of ballerinas' shoes. Only things missing on these photos are that blazer, red lipstick and better looking hair haha. Oh yeah, and I forgot my white noname clutch.

P.S. I'm so not excited about the school.

Ines :*