3:25 PM Batty Blonde 2 Comments

Hello. I thought that no one actually visits my blog, but hey, it turned out that I was kinda wrong. So, thank you guys for lovely comments. You made me very happy. :)
Don't bother the title. My outfit reminded me of hippies and that's it. I'm tired of talking about the weather, but I just have to explain why am I dressed this way. The reason is silly weather. I thought it was summer, but I was wrong. It's not even hot the way it should be and every minute there's a chance it'll rain. But still, it's not that cold either, haha.
My white shirt is from H&M and pants are from zara. Mustang shoes really go well with everything, but yeah, only if your going for this kind of look. My floral crown is from zara as well and I'm not really into getting and wearing stuff that everyone has (flower crowns are obviously popular lately), but what the hey, I couldn't resist.
I mustn't forget my new ray-bans! I finally got them and I am absolutely obsessed with them. I can already tell that I'm gonna wear them in 90% of my future posts, haha. They're blue mirrored aviators and have golden frame. My third ray-bans so far.
Oh, and of course, I must show you my little buddy, german shep. :)

Ines :*