Summer Nail Colors

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I never thought I'd do a post like this one because I'm not really into reviewing beauty products and stuff like that. However, I'm obsessed with painting my nails so I just wanted to show which colors I'm loving this summer. I can't remember the last time I had no nail polish on. You get the point, right? I'm sooo into painting my nails haha.

These are some "cool" summery colors. I adore blue, navy and icy shades. I also like colors that are hard to identify, if you know what i mean haha. That would be the last one on this pic. It's kinda purple, but it has turquoise glow to it.
H&M polishes are very nice, they cost a bit more than catrice ones, but the quality is equal. I'm surprised by the green one because green is the color I don't prefer on nails. However, this darker green shade changed my mind and I love it.
  1. H&M - "Ice ice baby"
  2. essie - "beach bum blu"
  3. catrice - "56 Minter Wonderland"
  4. catrice - "46 Berry Potter & Plumbledore"
  5. H&M - "Amazon"

Bronze and coral look very pretty on nails, especially in summer. I have to say I lovelovelove catrice nail polishes. They're super inexpensive and they always put out fun colors. Polishes are opaque and nice to apply (you have to do a few coats tho). You can get a nice quality nail polish for a low price.
  1. catrice - "460 In The Bronx"
  2. catrice - "450 Sand Francisco"
  3. catrice - "20 Meet Me At Coral Island"
  4. catrice - "18 Bloody Mary To Go

Hot red polish is always a must.

What's summer without neons, right? I have a lot of neon polishes but I choose warm colors this season. Neon colors really look hot with tanned skin. That's obviously a perfect combo for summer days (even tho I'm pretty pale and I barely catch any tan, but who cares haha).
  1. Ruby Kisses - "Yellow Bikini"
  2. Maybelline - "Sun Flare 241" - Bleaches Neons collection
  3. Ruby Kisses - "Orange U Jealous"

Maybelline Bleched Neons really glow underneath the neon light. So coooool.

Ines :*

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