Vintage Afternoon

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Hello guys. :)
I was so excited to do something like this. The photos turned out fine. I really didn't know what to expect, so I can not tell how I exactly fell about them. But after all, they' re OK, I guess.
I was going for some vintage/retro/pin-up/whatever style. Perhaps I'm not curvy enough to play some pin-up girl but I had a lot of fun taking photos. You can see some dear clothing pieces of mine that I just adore and wanted to capture. So... yeah. That's it.
Oh, and btw if you wonder, in my red heels (which I lovelovelove), I'm around 2 m tall. Something like 1,98 m. haha :D

T-shirt - Harley-Davidson shop
dress - NafNaf
shoes - moje cipele
skirt - Zara

Ines :*

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  1. so cute!! ;-))


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