Litas Make Me Super Tall

12:01 PM Batty Blonde 4 Comments

Hello :)
I'm not really in the mood for taking photos, so I'm gonna upload the old ones. I don't want them to be unseen. Can't wait for spring tho. I got myself so many cute things for warmer weather and I'm super excited to wear them.

Just to mention, I'm extremely tall, around 180 cm. And in my litas, I'm around 196 cm. That's almost 6 ft. haha :)
They say tall girls don't need heels. Well I don't wear them in public just because I'm already tall, even tho I like to wear them. I adore my litas. I have them for 2 years now and I want to buy myself another pair.

jeans - Lee
shirt - H&M
dress - H&M
shoes - JC litas

Ines :*