Hi guys!
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Messy Hair Messy Mind

I'm so happy that warmer weather is coming and these past few days I spent outside wearing outfits like this. I got a new pair of ripped jeans from zara and these are almost identical to the ones I already have, haha. I just love the fit and had to buy them. The rest of the outfit is zara and my shoes are adidas gazelle.

Puma Creepers

Hi guys!
Now this was a long break right, haha. I don't know what to say besides another turning point in my life happened. I mean moving to another city, starting college and stuff that go along. That's why I wasn't here. I simply devoted time to other things, but it feels so good to edit photos again. As you can see I managed to grab a pair of puma creepers. Always wanted to have a pair of creepers, but never actually bought them. After some years of having them on my wish list, Rihanna introduces these babes. I couldn't be more amazed since these are essentially sneakers. I'm obsessed, what more can I say. The rest of my outfit is zara, as expected.

I'm Back

Hello guys!
This was the longest break ever. It feels so good to blog again. I had a lot of stuff going on past months. The biggest thing I had to deal with is school of course, so I wanted to devote to that which led to neglecting my blog. I'm so happy that all those obligations are behind and I can enjoy my summer. I love wearing dresses and my latest obsession are sandals. The ones I'm wearing are from zara. I can already tell I'm going to wear them all summer long. They match the dress and the whole vibe. The dress is from H&M and bag is from zara.

Have a lovely week. <3

I :*

The Leather Jacket


Hello guys! Long time no see. I am trying to focus on school as much as possible which keeps me from posting. As far as the weather, it’s acting pretty crazy, haha. One day you have the feeling like it’s mid of July and the next is pouring rain. This is not even spring, I don’t know what it is, haha. These photos are a bit older to be honest, but the clothes are totally wearable for this funny weather. Everything I’m wearing is from zara. I was looking for a nice black leather jacket for a very long time and finally found it. I bought it quite a while ago, but haven’t showed you yet. I love it very much and I’m happy to have it.

Have a nice weekend. <3

Feeling Greyt

Hello guys!
Yes, this is happening. I have been absent for quite a while, but it's all because of school like I mentioned already before. That shall pass eventually tho, haha.
My entire outfit is from ZARA. I love these high-waisted trousers. So comfy and unusual. Just how I like my trousers to be, haha. And these cowboy booties are sooo cute as well. I really enjoy wearing them.